Thursday, September 07, 2006



It's so cool that you found one of these guys. They have been available in packages of dinosuars and other assorted animals since at least 1979.

The funny thing about it, it is the exact image of what was called a "Rust Monster" in the Dungeons & Dragons game. Those long antennae would turn any metal they came in contact with to rust.

I always wondered who was copying who--the toy designer or the game designer.
I totally remember these guys being in the monster manual. I think the monster has been produced since the sixties. There were several toys from my monster collection that turned up in D&D books, like the bugbear. I almost captioned it 'rust monster'....
I remember that Bugbear too. The one I had was green and stood on his hind legs....or maybe that was another monster from the D&D manuals. At any rate, he came in the same package of dinosaurs as the rust monster.
I'm pretty sure the bugear stood up and had sideways mandibles. I vaguely remeber it having one eye.
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